Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getty Launches Open Content Program to Share Digital Art for Free

Getty launches Open Content Program to share, freely and without restriction, as many of the Getty’s digital resources as possible.

This is cool. I tweeted it:

This is a great program.

I searched the archive and chose 'Open Content Images' the 'Natural World' filter and 'van Gogh' to see how it works.

Getty Open Content Search: van Gogh

You can start your search for Getty Open Content Images here.

Here's the van Gogh Irises detail page:

Getty Search Gateway Museum van Gogh Irises Page

Click Download and you are asked for "information about how you intend to use this image so that we may continue to improve access to our content."

Getty Search Gateway Museum Download Page

The image is then downloaded to your computer.

Irises; Vincent van Gogh


Note: Attribution to the Getty

"Please use the following source credit when reproducing an image:

Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.

When using open content images, you should not suggest or imply that the Getty endorses, approves of, or participated in your projects."


Thanks Getty. ;-)

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