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Monday, November 04, 2013

Add CLASSIC RT back to Twitter

Jason Calacanis shared this Classic Retweet Chrome Extension in his newsletter:
@jason: Many folks ask me "classic retweet" or "new retweet" and I tell them to download the "classic retweet" Chrome extension. It's just perfect when you want to add your .02 instead of a blind retweet.

It adds a slick little "classic retweet" to the bottom of each post.

I added it.

I'm happy.

Install Classic RT and Twitter posts, on, now look like this:

Classic RT

Click 'Classic RT' and you get this:

Classic Retweet

It works.

Oh, but look. Adding "RT" makes this specific tweet 141 characters.

This happens to be one example where a 'Native RT' is good. Nothing is lost when you don't add any comments.

Let's follow this to it's conclusion.

Since I'm modifying the original tweet to make it shorter and fit in a comment, I need to change RT (retweet) to MT (modified tweet). That shows that what follows MT has been modified from the original.

Modified Tweet

Embedding it here.

Note: Embedded tweets don't show the extension.

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