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Monday, November 04, 2013

Lollipod Tripod Review and Get Seen 'How to Be A Videoblogger' Excerpt Goes Live

I get asked to review a lot of tech products. At this point, people know that I'm a fair reviewer who actually uses the products and puts them through their paces.

If something isn't right with a product, I'll say it.

If I like a product, many times I'll end up buying it.

When I like a product, I end up using it, and bringing it along with me to meetings and conferences, where it gets seen. ;-)

Recently I was asked if I wanted to try out a new tripod, the Lollipod. In return, I was asked to write something up or record something about being a videoblogger.

I ended up doing a video review of the tripod that included some video tips. I also allowed Lollipod to post an excerpt from my book on video blogging, Get Seen.

The Lollipod guys did a great job on their site.

Instead of a bunch of product reviews, they got people to share things that you cold do with the tripod including, create living pictures, become a strobist, create a baby monitor, become an animator, try time-lapse photography, and more.

I love this idea.

Here it is on the site:

Things to do with your Lollipod
Things to do with your Lollipod - The Tripod _ Monopod _ Boom _ Lighting & Selfie Stand

Here's my page:

Become a Video Blogger
Become a Video Blogger: Lollipod Tripod - Become a Video Blogger by Steve Garfield

This is a great idea and they made me look good.

Check it out.

The author received a review copy of the product mentioned in this video.

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