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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Watch the Olympics Live

Download the NBC Sports Live App to watch the Olympics.

You can temporarily watch free, or watch as long as you want, after logging in via your cable provider.

Here's this morning's slope side snowboarding.

Looks and sounds great!

Update from Comcast:

The NBC Sports Live Extra app has been added to the X1 Platform for the Olympics (so everything that’s online, including Gold Zone will be on the biggest screen in the house).  And Gold Zone: We know that football fans have grown accustomed to watching the best moments of the game with the Red Zone Channel.  Multiple events happening at the same time inspired something similar for the Olympics.  As a result, NBC created the “Gold Zone” for the Olympics which will automatically highlight Olympics events if a medal is about to be awarded.  Gold Zone is available on TV through the X1 Platform as well as through the NBC Sports Live Extra app.


And we're testing Instant On Demand, a new feature of our Xfinity On Demand platform that will let customers in the Boston area access NBC's primetime Olympic broadcast immediately after it starts via Xfinity On Demand.  So, if you walk in the door at 8:32 PM one night, you can start from the beginning of that night’s NBC broadcast through Instant On Demand on the X1 Platform.  You could do this up until 10:59 PM if you didn’t want to wait for NBC’s replay to start later in the evening.


Oh, and, we opened up our Xfinity WiFi hotspots throughout the country for all mobile Internet users so that they could enjoy the Olympics on the go.  Then, when an Xfinity Internet customer gets home they’re automatically logged in on their mobile device for the NBC Sports Live Extra app or

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