Sunday, March 22, 2015

#katch is the record button for Meerkat

Katch Kats: "Record Meerkats with one tweet! The #katch hashtag sends you an automagic YouTube link when the stream ends. (Processing time varies) ❤️ @seenco"

They tested their system on my morning Meerkast walk around Jamaica Pond.

It's funny because in the Meerkast, Someone asks me about this, and I reply that I ewouldn't want someone taking my content and making money off ads.

But, once my stream ended and I saved it, only 3 minutes of it was saved, and Katch Kats saved the whole thing on YouTube for me, so I was happy about that. Plus, it saved me the effort of having to upload to YouTube.

I'll give them credit for jumping in and doing this.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry Steve that was me, I hashtag it in a comment, didn't even realize that would happen, I was pinged the video back to me when it was processed,
    appears the saved portion is from time I commented.
    Pros and cons to katch. I just messaged you via twitter. I guess we just did some beta testing for meerkat and katch. Meerkat
    might have to allow user to opt-in or opt out for comments, because the cat is now out of the bag.