Monday, March 30, 2015

Q: After a meerkat or periscope goes off air is the old stream archived for later viewing?

Meerkat does not archive video for later viewing.

If you share or comment on a live stream with '#katch' a 3rd party will save an archive of your stream to their YouTube account, after confirming with you on twitter that you want to do this.

You can also save a Meerkat stream to your camera roll, if it doesn't crash on you.

Periscope saves online for 24 hours.

I like how I can still watch an ended broadcast 24 hours after you broadcast, if you choose to make it public.

Image: Periscope. Recent archived online streams.

Note: With Periscope you must watch on an iPhone.

Periscope does save to camera roll, if you choose to.

Image: Periscope. Saved to camera roll

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