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Kerry O'Shea Gorgone's Disney Travel Tips

I'm looking into a trip to Orlando and Disney. My friend, and marketing and social media law expert, Kerry O'Shea Gorgone shared her tips her tips with me:

Okay, here's what I've got for Disney Travel tips.

Disney Experience App

First, download the Disney Experience app

You want that. You can link up your companions' passes and yours, so you can book FastPasses for rides, dining reservations, and stuff like that for everyone.

The scoop on FastPasses

Speaking of which, here's the scoop on FastPasses

They let you come back at a pre-set time so you don't have to wait in the standby line for rides. If you plan these right, they can save you a ton of time.

Are you staying on Disney property?
If so, you can book dining at the sit-down restaurants up to 6 months in advance (and you totally should, because the sit-down restaurants book up fast). You also get to book FastPasses for rides up to 60 days in advance. Again, definitely do it, because those go, too.

Magic Bands

People staying at a Disney hotel also get a Magic Band (awesome RFID bracelet you can link to your passes. It even links to your credit card for in-park purchases.

Extra magic hours
Guests also enjoy "extra magic hours," when they get to enter the parks early or leave late, so you get more park time than the plebes.

All the perks of staying "on property" at Walt Disney World are here

Attraction Tips
The Animal Kingdom's gotten much better over the years, with a roller coaster now. The Kilamanjaro Safari's the most popular ride, so hit it first thing in
the a.m., when it's faster to get on. Cooler temperatures mean you'll see more animals, too. I like to go on twice, because it's different every time! Take a Fast Pass for it, then go on through the regular line. By the time your first safari's over, you'll be able to use your FastPass!

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Mania is probably the most popular attraction, go straight for a "Fast Pass." That way, you can get on without too much of a wait later, although Fast Passes run out for that one pretty early.

It's a fun ride, but not worth waiting 90 minutes, which some families do! At Epcot, "Soarin'," a gentle ride that simulates a gliding experience, is the family-friendly ride that books up fastest. That's the Fast Pass to grab on your way in there.

For Magic Kingdom, the latest ride is the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. The wait is always insane. If you'er staying on property, this should DEFINITELY be one of the FastPasses you book in advance. Otherwise, decide how important it is to you, because it's a long-ass wait.

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