Friday, January 01, 2016

City of Boston - Online Real Estate Payments

Happy 2016.

The year just kicked off in a good way from the City of Boston online payments system.

For a while now, the payments system would send an email with my real estate bill. To view the status, you'd have to log on and take a look to see your amount due.

View Online
It used to look like this.

Image: Old email

"A new invoice is now available to view online.

City of Boston has implemented a convenient online billing and payment system for you to access and pay your bills. Simply click on the View Invoice or Pay Now button to get started. You can review and print your invoice, pay electronically now, or schedule the date your invoice will be paid.

You may also access your invoice via our Customer Portal at"

No action is required
Today, 1/1/2016, I got a new bill notification email that states right in the email that my bill is already paid and no action is required.

Image: New Email

Your account is currently enrolled in our auto pay program.

Your payment will automatically be made on 2/1/2016. Should you need to update or change the credit card or bank account information associated with your auto payment, please log into the customer portal. Note that you should receive one more payment reminder approximately 3 days prior to the automatic payment."

Thank you City of Boston. I've been asking for this change for a long time.

2016 is looking up!

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