Friday, July 08, 2016

If/Then in Boston.

We saw If/Then Musical last night and were blown away by the talent of Jackie Burns who played the lead character, Elizabeth.

Jackie was the understudy of Idina Menzel for the title role of this play on Broadway. You can see why. In addition to her thoughtful acting, her voice is truly amazing. At one point int he play, Carol turned to me and said, "She does this multiple times."

This was at the point of a powerful solo, packed with emotion.

It was incredible to watch as she left everything on stage as if she was experiencing everything for the first time, and sharing it with us.

At a few points during the play, they audience couldn't help but let go their emotions.

During one sweet kiss, a woman nearby softly said, "Awww..." Everyone around us smiled at that...

The play follows Elizabeth through two different paths that her life would lead depending on the choices that she makes. Her life becomes both happy and sad, and she becomes both weak and strong. I didn't expect that the writers would go there, but they did. There are some powerful moments here.

In addition to Jackie Burns, Anthony Rapp, you know him from RENT, brings his unique voice and portrayal to the character of Lucas. Also featured is American Idol's Tamyra Gray as Kate. Tamara did an excellent job. Matthew Hydzik brings power and nuance to the role of Josh.

The staging is RENT-like, starting out with a guitarist on stage, but it's the floor to ceiling video displays that become part of the show to indicate where in NYC the action takes place. Also innovative was the staging for scenes that took place in the NYC subway system.

IF/THEN at the Boston Opera House July 5 - 17.

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