Friday, July 01, 2016

It's Half-Way Through 2016 and The Boston Globe Still Doesn't Know How to Feature Video in the Newspaper

Here's the FRONT PAGE story as printed in the JUNE 30th Boston Globe.

No mention of online video content.

Image: Front Page

Nothing here either, in the continuation, or the associated story.

Inside: Story continues

Are you a reader of the Boston Globe ePaper? No luck there either, it's just a copy of what you see in print.

Click a link in the ePaper to see the story on it's own. Still no videos.

Image: ePaper story

The only way you'd see this is to go to here, For this massive caterpillar invasion, it’s crunch time.

Oh look, there's video:

Image: Story with video


Scroll down to see a BONUS VIDEO from YouTube, embedded with this attribution: "A YouTube user uploaded a video of the sounds made by the caterpillars:"

Image: YouTube Video

A YouTube user.


That's their credit? The YouTube user has an account name, masspromote.

What a joke.

The Boston Globe has a lot to learn.

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