Friday, May 22, 2020

Using video technology to stay connected

NECN's Colton Bradford interviewed my mom and me about how she uses technology to stay connected:

Need a smile? Meet Millie Garfield. The self proclaimed “Internet’s Oldest Living Blogger” and she’s got a message for us all. #CallYourMother

cc: @NECN @TheHubToday @stevegarfield

My mom is one of the Internet's Oldest Bloggers according to The Ageless Project.
wegads - Ed Weiland, born 1923
Age of Rieson - Marie MacBeath, born 1925
Last Quarter - Game of Life - Ralph Leonard, born 1925
My Mom's Blog - Mildred Garfield, born 1925
Not Dead Yet! - Judith Taylor, born 1927
Milts Muse - Milton Rebmann, born 1931
A Little Red Hen - Naomi Dagen Bloom, born 1933
Along The Way - Joared, born 1935
Occasional Pursuits - Patricia Torbert, born 1937
Light Sweet Crud - Rey Barry, born 1937
BLB's Xanga Site - Bonnie, born 1939
justaskjudy - Judy, born 1940

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