Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How To Play a YouTube Video On Your Twitter Timeline

I recently saw a video playing on The Tonight Show's Twitter timeline with an overlay link that said "Watch now at"

What was cool about it was that it looked like it was a YouTube video, playing right on the twitter timeline. 

But it wasn't! It's actually a native twitter video, playing on the twitter timeline, with a link over to YouTube

Here's the story:

Usually, you have to click on the YouTube videos to get them to play on twitter. 

So this lead me on a search to figure it out. 

My friend David helped me with a tip, he told me that it was an mp4, uploaded to YouTube, and he provided a link to Google, where people were explaining how to do it. 

This link was helpful, How To Add Links To Your Twitter Videos.

There, Mark Zhuk, explained, in November of 2016, that you need to have a Twitter Ads account to be able to add a link to a video. 

Further research and testing, confirmed the process. 

You need to sign up for a twitter ad account at

Then you need to add a credit card to the account. 

Then you can upload a video with a link to the same video on YouTube. 

The YouTube video link you enter, gets overlayed on to your twitter video with the link text, "Watch now at", giving the impression that the video is hosted over on YouTube, but it's not. 

Here's my tweet with video, linked over to YouTube

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