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Sunday, September 18, 2022

MidJourney - David Hockney’s Moving Whisps

MidJourney AI Art prompt based on museum description of David Hockney’s Moving Whisps:

“kaleidoscopic eruption of Fauvist-inspired color and line, abstraction and representation, painting for the stage and painting on canvas.  

A swell of curved forms cleave together, unfurling across the canvas in an ebullient collision of mountains, hills and water, all almost entirely abstracted yet still tethered to the natural world. At the center of this compressed landscape is the titular moving wisp, dancing gaily in a saturated vermilion shading to light orange. Behind this focal point, a turquoise and cerulean mountain leans to the left against a torrent of periwinkle blue water that cascades into a waterfall of indigo and light teal brushstrokes. The turquoise mountain intersects with a smaller sister mountain, rendered in lush white and yellow impasto, abutted by a violet façade. Fields of fiery red and cool green extend from this second, smaller mountain towards the audience, drawing the viewer in with their dramatically sloped lines. The upper register of the painting features undulating waves of deep mahogany and orange, intimating rich California soil against a bay of blue water. Like the Impressionists, Hockney exhibited a fascination with the qualities of light, varying weather conditions, and the infinite renewal that the changing of seasons reveals in the natural world, all of which come to the fore in the present work: the silvery blue river, sun-dappled fields, lush vegetation, tilled soil, vertiginous mountains, and flower-studded meadows.”

Here’s the results after a few generations.