Saturday, July 13, 2002

icExcel: The Perfect Mac Utility for Viewing Microsoft Excel files
It works. I just opened up an Excel file that I used over at WZBC yesterday to track my playlist. I emailed it to myself at home and then opened it up in icExcel. After opening the file, I was able to save it as a text file.

Nicely done.

Here's my playlist from yesterday, where I filled in for Mass Ave and Beyond, the local music show on WZBC:

AM Stereo, Bob Stinson
Babaloo, Trabalengua
The Control Group, Chemicals
Cathy Cathodic, Communication
The Count Me Outs, Melissa Gilbert
Certainly Sir, The Vacant Lot Of My Heart
The Atlantics ,Lonelyhearts
Consonant ,Who Touches You Now?
Lifestyle, You're Gonna Make It
The Damn Pesonals, Standing Still In The Usa
Damon and Naomi, The New World
Rubyhorse, Horses
Edith, One Weekend Away
Boy Wonder, Break The Spell
The Flying Nuns, What Time Is For
Choo Choo La Rouge, Bucking Black Sheep
B-Side, Catcher in the Rye
Don Lennon, Mathews Comes Alive
Lifestyle, It Doean't Mean That I Don't Love You If I forget to call you back
Nervous Eaters, Loretta
The Operators, Bottle
27, For an Excahnge
The Neighborhoods, Prettiest Girl
Stu Walker, Up For Grabs
Calendar Girl, Huck Finn
Static, California
Mishima USA, Just What I Needed
Charlene, No Fly
Verona Downs, Outringing
One Blue Light, Am I OK

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