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Friday, July 05, 2002

July 4th in Boston
The day started off with a scream from my wife when the rack in her closet fell down and all her clothes ended up on the floor.

While transferring all her clothes to the bedroom, she screamed again when she got a splinter right under her fingernail. Ouch! That's gotta hurt. I performed a a quick splinterectomy and all was fine.

I re-attached her clothes rack to the wall and we re-hung all her clothes.

Off To The Beach
Next it was time to pack our bags and head off to my cousins cottage, which is not quite on Cape Cod. I can't say where it is though, because then everyone will want ot go there. Not much traffic and free parking. They really only have two parking spots though, so your car wouldn't be able to fit anyway.

We packed a nice cooler with drinks and sandwiches and headed out. the ride down was uneventful other than a 15 minute detour because of road construction.

We arrived at the cottage and realized that we left the cooler with drinks back home. We never do that!

Our cousins had a refrigerator full of cold drinks for us to share though.

There's nothing like jumping into the ocean and floating around. It was great!

After a great day at the beach we headed home.

I decided to go home the same way we went down, and that detour we had going down was only one way, so we made it home in 45 minutes.

The Boston Pops Orchestra and Fireworks
As I settled in to watch the Channel 5 broadcast of The Boston Pops Orchestra from the Esplanade in Boston, my wife said she wanted to go into the city for the fireworks. Well, I know that they usually get 500,000 people at these concerts and that people camp out days in advance to get close to the Hatch Shell, where the Boston Pops plays, so I suggested that we drive in around 8:30 and just park the car on the side of the road and watch the fireworks if we couldn't find a place to park.

So we drove into Boston. there was no traffic. We drove right into the center of town and parked at Prudential Center. After a short walk towards the Boston Public Gardens, I remembered that Storrow Drive, the road which winds it's way along the Charles River, was closed to traffic. So we worked our way towards Storrow Drive and crossed hte street over to the Esplanade. We really were surprised that we could get so close. We ended up close enough to be able to see Barry Manilow on stage. Not one of them most exciting things to see, be were were very close.

After hanging around hte Hatch Shell for a while, we walked along the Charles River to get a good spot to watch the fireworks from. As we walked we were still able to hear the concert since the city set up huge, I mean really big, towers with huge speakers on them. So not matter where you went, you could hear the concert from the Hatch Shell.

We ended up at Tower #10 overlooking the Charles River. As we sat down we looked out over hte Charles and saw a huge screen broadcasting everything from the Hatch Shell stage. It was cool.

the concert ended with the 1812 Overture. That thing is long! It's misleading. Sometimes you think it's almost over, and then it goes on for another 5 minutes. It ended with cannon blasts and then the fireworks began.

They got a new fireworks company this year. They rocked. The fireworks display was synchronized to music that was playing from the huge loudspeakers.

It was the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen. they had a lot of unusual fireworks. One looked like a jellyfish that went up in the air, then fell a little, then shot up even more. They also had one that, after exploding, all the little lights that were produced, shot off in different directions. LIke fireflys.

After the fireworks were over we took off to our car and zipped right out of town.

Over all it was a great day.

This morning, we found all my wife's clothes on the floor.

The clothes rack fell down again.

Today I'm taking a trip to Home Depot.

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