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Monday, July 29, 2002

Fall 2002 US TV Schedule Grid.
I always enjoy looking forward to a new Fall TV season.

The grid has the new Fall 2002 broadcast TV schedule. Too bad cable shows aren't included.

TV Guide has a grid too. This one lets you click on the new shows.

Let's watch TV!

Saturday: There's probably something on cable.

Sunday: Futurama, The Simpsons, Alias, Monk (on USA) is the funniest thing to hit TV since Lenny Clarke on The Job.

Monday: Boston Public: Joey McIntyre will rule!

Tuesday: 24, NYPD Blue

Wednesday: Enterprise, The Bachelor 2, Some medical program: flip a coin.

Thursday: I liked that Dinotopia movie, might be more fun to watch than Survivor: Thailand. Maybe they could introduce little dinosaurs to Survivor, that I'd watch! I'll have to check out Do Over.

Push, Nevada, ER. That Bibb babe from Popular joins the show in week two. Go Carter!

Friday: Firefly, John Doe. Too bad Hack and That Was Then are also on at the same time. I'll start with Fox because of their strong lead in show that provides a strong audience for John Doe. That's their plan and I don't have to change the channel either.

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