Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Macworld Expo Keynote Coverage, Live
Will Farrell is featured in a new Apple ad.

He's funny!

Steve calls it Mac OS X JagWire. $129 Gonna be on shelves August 24th.

I'll get it. I wonder if I get an upgrade price.

Sherlock 3
Sherlock 3 is a new way to look at info on the web without having to use a browser. For example, Sherlock 3 allows you to find movies. That's good since smarterchild AIM Bot went away and my Watson trial ended. I don't need to buy Watson now either. Sherlock 3 also lets you track eBay auctions.

Steve used it to look at his stocks and they showed no activity. He was upset and then they told him that the market wasn't open yet.

Rendevous will be inbuilt into iTunes early next year. It will allow you to stream music from a friends Powerbook. It's cool. Devices will talk to each other over an IP network seamlessley with no configuration. It's totally open. No one will own it.

Let's have an iTunes listening party! Who has Pink?

Adaptive Latent analysis to get rid of junk mail.

Steve says "oops, let me go to my backup system". His on stage mistakes are hardly even noticable.

Mail has a new junk mail filter that didn't exactly do everting in the demo. But that's OK.

Address Book
System wide database for people. You can dial your Bluetooth enabled cell phone from a Mac that has a USB Bluetooth adapter. When someone calls you it will put up caller ID info on your Mac.

I just hope it has a comment field.

Steve thinks it's the best messaging experience in the world. I wonder if he's used Adium?

Can you shut off those balloons?

As of Sept 30th iTools goes away to be replace by .mac

i Disk: From 25MB to 100MB.
iPhoto Hosting.

Yikes! It's gonna cost money! $49/year for existing users.

A new celendar app. Share changes over the internet.

Publishing a calendar to a web page. Cool.

Just what I needed!

iTunes 3
Counts how many times you play your song. Smart playlists automatically create special playlists for you like top 25.

New larger hardware in early August and new software.

iPod for Windows
Works with Musicmatch software. Late August.

iSync - Steve calls it Mac to Mobile
Sync calendar and Address Book with Mac.

Works on Bluetooth GPRS Cell phones, USB Palms and Firewire iPods.

Steve thinks Sony Ericsson is going to be big in this.

Are they publicly traded at a depressed stock price?

New with 17" display.

"The brightest future ever for the personal computer lies ahead" - Steve Jobs

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