Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Are Quirkey Stories Real?
You decide.

I submit the same monkey story reported by two different news sources: Metro and Ananova.


Ananova: Bus passengers' monkey puzzle
A stray monkey has barged onto a bus in Holland.

When the bus stopped in Tilburg-noord, to let three women and two men on, it pushed past them.

It then ran to the back and sat down.

The bus driver asked the passengers to leave while he phoned the police.

One passenger, who refused to be identified, said: "We didn't panic at all, since the monkey didn't show any agressive behaviour."

Police later took it to a nearby safari park. Zookeepers think the animal escaped from a private property, where he was held illegally.

Story filed: 10:11 Wednesday 13th August 2003
They are both amusing, but I think that Ananova wrote the more believable version.

I'll wait for the New York Times version to decide.

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