Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Everybody Is Selling Out Today!
The mary-kateandashley(TM) Brand Introduces Toothpaste Co-Branded with Aquafresh(R).
Now you can brush your teeth with Mary-Kate and Ashley!

New SATURDAYNIGHTLIVE(TM) Slot Machines Go Live as National Rollout Begins.
Experience the excitement of losing your money in slot machines based on The Coneheads, the Blues Brothers, Hans and Franz and the Church Lady!

IGT has been granted licensing rights to develop a gaming machine based on the popular Dilbert(TM) comic strip.
Maybe you'd prefer to loose your money to the hijinks of Dilbert, Dogbert, the Pointy-Haired Boss, Wally, Alice, Asok the Intern, Tina the Tech Writer, Catbert, the human resources director, and a host of others.

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