Friday, August 22, 2003

'Monk' refreshes.
Not since Peter Falk ( news ) put on his Columbo trench coat has an actor created a more fully formed, richly human, insanely lovable detective. Obsessive, compulsive, multiphobic Monk is an intuitive genius who can think through everything except his own fear of life. Shalhoub captures all the humor and poignancy the contrast makes possible.

Tonight, Monk is battling a serial killer and to the dismay of all involved his Asian dry cleaner, whose sewing skills are not to his liking. (It's a hilarious running joke, if not exactly an ethnically sensitive one.) As for Sharona (the invaluable Bitty Schram), she's busy courting the deputy mayor. As always on Monk , the case is hardly airtight, and that hardly matters. Watch the show for Shalhoub and Schram. If vaudeville still existed, they could be headliners.
Tony Shalhoub Rules!

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