Sunday, August 17, 2003

Big Dogs: Your Store Manager Rocks!
I just sent this letter to the management at Big Dogs Stores:
The Mister Big Dog of Big Dogs,

I recently visited your Big Dogs store located at:

Big Dogs Store
Lakes Region Factory Stores
120 Laconia Road

The store manager there is the best retail employee I have ever met!

She is the most enthusiastic and friendly person.

She made it a pleasure to shop in the store and I look forward to going back because of her.

If I were you, I'd invest corporate money on clone research!
If you go in that store, tell her that Steve says hi.

She won't know what you are talking about, but I can guarantee that she'll be happy!

They sent me a corporate reply.
Thank you very much for taking the time to "Surf with the Big Dogs." We
always love to hear from our fans and customers.

We appreciate your continued support of our company as it is people (and
dogs) such as yourself that drive our business. We encourage you to
bookmark our web site and hope that you'll visit often.

Keep "Running with the Big Dogs!"

Update 2:
I just got a personal reply from the District Manager.
My name is Sue Joslin and I am a District Manager for Big Dogs. The Laconia Lakes store is one that I supervise and Lisa is the Store Manager. Thankyou for the kind words, we couldn't agree more. It is nice to hear good things and I hope you don't mind but I shared your email with her. Lisa makes my job very enjoyable and I realize how fortunate I am to work with her.
Thanks again Steve!
Take care,
Sue Joslin

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