Sunday, August 24, 2003

I snaked the drain!
Last night my wife yelled out from the bathroom, "The bathtub is talking!"

I yelled back, "What is it saying?"

She told me to come in to see.

When I got there, she ran the water in the bathroom sink, and the bathtub started gurgling.

I think it was trying to tell us that it was clogged.

After two treatments of Drano it was time for a break.

I decided to tackle this project in the morning.

This morning, I went down the celler and got a drain auger. This thing is probably 40 years old.

I snaked the drain from under the sink and the tub.

Note: When removing the pipe from under the sink, you loosen the connection closest to the wall in a clockwise direction, and when loosening the connection closest to you, you go counter-clockwise.

Weird huh?

To snake the tub, you have to put the snake in the tub, not in the drain, but behind stopper turner-on-and-offer.

See how much plumbing knowledge I have?

Next up I used a plunger to plunge the tub making sure I covered up the turner-on-and-offer hole with some paper towels.

After putting everthing back together the water runs free again!

Run free water, you're free!

My wife just came home and said there's water leaking out of some temporary pipes the city has layed down on our street.

I told here that I didn't cause that!

Time to cut the grass.

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