Monday, August 18, 2003

Non Sports Events Betting at BoDog Sportsbook.
Is 1/10 better or worse odds than 2/1?

Looking at, 55th Emmy Awards - Sept. 21, 2003 (8 pm) - Outstanding Lead Actor (Comedy) Odds, it's hard for me to tell:
Bernie Mac - (Emmy) 1/10

Tony Shalhoub - (Emmy) 2/1

Larry David - (Emmy) 5/2

Matt LeBlanc - (Emmy) 4/1

Ray Romano - (Emmy) 6/1

Eric McCormack - (Emmy) 12/1
It looks like the most likely to win are listed at the top of the list.

Did I miss the class in school that taught this?

I never spent much time at the track.

This site also has odds on the Governor of California Special Election 2003.

Georgy Russell makes the list at 100/1!

My friend Bob explains the odds:
1/10 is about as bad as it gets (As a matter of fact, by law (in
Massachusetts at least), they cannot go lower than 1/5). If you put up a
dollar, they'll put up a dime (For every 10 you put up, they put up 1).

As far as 2/1 goes, you put up a dollar and they'll put up two (not bad).
He spent his youth at the track.

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