Saturday, August 02, 2003

Rands in Repose: N.A.D.D: Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder.
My mother first diagnosed me with NADD. It was the late 80s and she was bringing me dinner in my bedroom (nerd). I was merrily typing away to friends in some primitive chat room on my IBM XT (super nerd), listening to some music (probably Flock of Seagulls -- nerd++), and watching Back to the Future with the sound off (neeeeerrrrrrrd). She commented, "How can you focus on anything with all this stuff going on?" I responded, "Mom, I can't focus without all this noise".
My mother always wanted to know how I could concentrate on my homework with the stereo and TV on.

I had the same answer.

"Mom, I need the stereo on."

Then my dad would yell, "Turn that stereo down!", but that's another story.

Now my wife just asks me to put on headphones.

N.A.D.D Desktop Winner.
The one true quest for someone afflicted with N.A.D.D. is the quest for knowledge. My collect-a-desktop contest is no different. I want to know more... I want to find new applications... new ways of efficiently surfing of my desktop.
I love looking at other peoples desktops to see what applications they are running.


I've self-diagnosed N.A.D.D.

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