Sunday, August 10, 2003

What The Hell Is That?
One of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits with Steve Martin and Bill Murray.
Tourist #1 : What the hell is that?! [ squints ] What the hell is that? [ chuckling at himself ] What's that danged thing doing here! How did that get here? What the hell is that?! [ squints ] What the hell is that ?! How'd that dang deal get here?! [ turns off-camera ] Hey! Come on over here and look at this deal!

[ Tourist #2 wanders onto the set to take a bewildered look ]

Tourist #2 : What the hell is that?

Tourist #1 : I don't know what the hell that is !

Tourist #2 : What in the hell is that ?!
That's what was running through my mind when I saw this bug on a fence in front of my house.

I took out may camera to take a picture of it and my neighbor came over to see what was going on.

I asked him, "What is that?"

He said, "It's a locust."

I said, "Are we in trouble?"

I was thinking about the safety of all the crops we cultivate in the city. :-)

My wife was out there with us. Just then a butterfly flew by and my wife screamed. Scared her to death.

Oh no, the butterflys are out too!

It's a Cicada. Thanks Adam.

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