Sunday, February 01, 2004


Century City: 2030? What's up with that?

jetBlue: Whatever. Ha.

Guiness! Make St. Patircks Day a real holiday. Nice.

Janet Jackson can shake her booty.

Hey P. Diddy?

Nelly: It's getting hot in here. Everyone is cheering for the girls to take their clothes off.

Oh, hey look. They are taking their clothes off!

Kid Rock- head banging with a desecrated flag? Is this patriotic?
The flag should never be used as clothing
At this point I'm wishing that they'd get Aerosmith and Beyonce back.

Justin Timberlake wants Janet Jackson as a girlfriend.

Joan of Arcadia: God is a Hot Dog?

Sony: Why do they pronounce WEGA as Vega?

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