Sunday, February 22, 2004

It's Like A Movie Channel For Girls Over Here

Watched a few movies recently to clear up some room on the TiVo:

My First Mister - Albert Brooks can do no wrong. Leelee Sobieski reminds me of Helen Hunt. Nice to see Mary Kay Place in there too. I used the rewind button a few times to take a look at the funny scenes. I almost missed it when the bum decides that Albert Brooks shirt is not good enough for him and throws it back in the traash. Classic. Thumbs Up!

Monsoon Wedding - I wasn't in the mood to watch a movie with infrequent subtitles, so I wasn't giving it much of a chance. I pretty much fast forwarded through it and didn't really see much worthwhile to pause for. Thumbs Down!

Muriel's Wedding - Loved it! Didn't know anything about this one before hand, so the funny storyline had me amused thoughout. No fast forward button was used during this viewing. My friend Senga told me that this is a movie that she can watch over and over. Thumbs Up!

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