Thursday, February 26, 2004

Old People in Florida are Cranky

Judge Ruled Movie Theater Fight Case A Mistrial.
The Rosenbergs were standing in line in a movie theater in Tamarac, the Schusses were behind them. According to testimony, Mr. Rosenberg miscalculated the ticket price and looked for more change, that is when Mrs. Schuss said "three times eight is 24" and Mr. Rosenberg said "shut up."

The defense says Schuss is legally blind and thought that Rosenberg was attaking his wife. He defended his wife by punching Rosemberg and his head hit the concrete pavement, went into a coma and died 16 days later.
Hey Mr. Schuss, maybe spending the rest of your life in prison is preferable to spending it with Mrs. Schuss.

Plead guilty.

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