Sunday, February 01, 2004

Blogging the Super Football Game

Who's that chick on the Aerosmith guitar? I think it's Joe Perry's wife.

Pre-Game: Hey, I knew they faked the moon landing! Ha!


Bud Light: Real watery taste.

Pizza: Jessica Simpson is cuter than Miss Piggy.

They've got enough people out there for the coin toss. Hear it all on WBCN 104.1 FM in Boston! Y.A. Tittle wanted to keep the coin! Ha, Ha.

Oops, It's Ok. We'll score later.

FedEx: Jenkins, "Use FedEx." Ha!

Monkey on your back. Ha.


Pepsi: Stupid bears should be looking for beer!

Hey Troy Brown, pinch your nose just above the bridge of the nose, that might help.

Troy: Brad Pitt is Troy Donahue?

Grammys: Brintney live on the Grammy's next week? I'd say more like Britney on tape.

Chevy Aveo: Ha Ha.

1st Qtr 0-0.

Miracle: Hey, It's Dream On again!

Levitra: Hey, It's a Norman Rockwell paining come to life.

Budweiser: Hair Extensions on a donkey! Ha, Ha!

The Alamo: They need more troops. Maybe the Troy troops can help?

Let's Go Patriots, Let's Go!


Pepsi iTunes: Seen it online already.

Levitra again?

Mitsubishi: Huh? What were they thinking? = not responding, that's what happens when you put up a URL during the Super Football Game.

Bud Light: Gross. Use the watery beer to put out hte fire. Ha Ha.

Charmin: Stupid.

These ads are an insult to ad loving Super Football Game fans everywhere.

Starsky and Hutch: Nice! Finally a great commercial. And more Aerosmith too! Ben Stiller shot a pony!

F U M B L E !


Brady to Brown!

Brady tackles Brown in celebration!

VISA: Yes! Chicks in bikinis playing volleyball on the beach, in the winter! Another good one.

Secret Window: Scary.

Chevy: Stupid. Soap in a mouth is not healthy.

Lays: Old people need not be tripped.

Tie Game. Nice pass.

CBS promo for Cold Case and all their shows. I like Cold Case!


Brady to Givens. Yes!

Here we go Patriots, Here We Go!

Brady to Givens again! TOUCHDOWN! 14-7 PATS!

CBS MATRIX VISION on the touchdown. WHOA!

HALFTIME: 14-10.

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