Monday, February 09, 2004

Canon unleashes cameras and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)

Canon just released 7 new PowerShot cameras at the Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas.
  • $1,000 PowerShot Pro1 (8 megapixel CCD);
  • $500 PowerShot S1 IS (3.2 megapixel CCD with 10x optical zoom);
  • $500 PowerShot S500 Digital ELPH (5 megapixel and 3x optical zoom lens);
  • $400 PowerShot S410 Digital ELPH (4 megapixel with 3x zoom lens);
  • $300 PowerShot SD110 Digital ELPH (3.2 megapixel with small form factor and 2x zoom lens);
  • $300 PowerShot A75 (3.2 megapixel with 3x optical zoom lens with enlarged LCD monitor);
  • $200 PowerShot A310 (entry-level camera with 3.2 megapixel CCD and 5.1x digital zoom).
How are you supposed to be able to decide between cameras with all these options?
via [ Cool Tools ]

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