Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Mom, You're not alone. PC's crash. --Steve

Don Levy, The Mac Therapist, responds to David Coursey's article When Windows won't work, it's time for a Mac.
Most of my clients don't know much more about running a computer than pushing the ON button in the morning. They absolutely believe that the computer is just here to serve them and help them do their work better and smarter, so they don't bother to read the manuals, they just do their work.

Windows users always know to chant the right prayer to get up and running every day (well, almost always). Mac OS X people just don't bother to boot (arghhh... Now they don't even push the ON button!). The computer just STAYS ON 24/7 and they go weeks and MONTHS between booting (like when they come back from vacation or a business trip). To a guy like me who needs them to have MYSTERIOUS PROBLEMS, it's a total disaster. Some of them even forget HOW to re-boot! How absurd is THAT?
You'll be happier when you get a Mac.

Just follow Don's prescription:
Get a Mac with OS X,
Get cable or DSL connection,
Get rid of the PC before it eats more of your life,
Get and read the free ClueTrain Manifesto (,
Get in touch with me or someone like me
and spend a little time learning how to use the
skills we can share with you. We’ll both enjoy it.
Get your life back.
Drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest.

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