Sunday, February 01, 2004

NFL: "We're sorry about the half-time show"

Statement by NFL Executive Vice President Joe Browne regarding the Super Bowl halftime show:
"We were extremely disappointed by elements of the MTV-produced Halftime show. They were totally inconsistent with assurances our office was given about the show. It's unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime."
I guess that stuff about getting hot and taking off clothes wasn't appreciated.

I know that I was disappointed.

That they remained clothed.


Update from The Times of India:
Justin Timberlake sent the half-time Super Bowl show into X-rated territory by tearing off half of Janet Jackson's bra.

After two touchdowns in the real game, the evening's "top-down" came at the end of a show headlined by Jackson and including the wild man of pop, who was the show's secret special guest, reports an Australian website.

The astounding stunt appeared to have been planned all along, with Jackson sporting a strategically placed star over her right nipple, which had been exposed to the watching millions.

Later it was confirmed that CBS, which broadcasts the Super Bowl and the half-time show, had approved of the tear-of strip.
How could I have missed that!

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