Friday, August 19, 2005

Media in dumpster

I just got this Google Alert sent to me via email:

When I clicked on the link to the story, I found out that the story had changed.

Half-naked woman found at garbage bin behind fast-food restaurant in Miami: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

What's even worse is that the Sun Sentinel features a frame capture from their news partner, NBC 6, with the caption "Woman in Dumpster."

The NBC 6 site continues the hype by writing a headline which doesn't match the story.
Half-Naked Woman Found In Miami Dumpster
Woman May Be Victim Of Sexual Assault

POSTED: 9:12 am EDT August 19, 2005
UPDATED: 10:47 am EDT August 19, 2005

MIAMI -- Miami-Dade police say a woman found half-naked near a Dumpster Friday may be a victim of sexual battery.

A garbage truck operator found the woman by a Dumpster behind the Wendy's along the 7300 block of Northwest 36th Street in Miami-Dade County.
They owe us an apology for this.


  1. So next time you see someone standing next to a dumpster, take a picture and caption it "Infuriated garbageman guards dumpster with his life".

    I'm not even going to ask why you are subscribed to a "fast food" google alert.