Monday, August 08, 2005


I'm getting a lot of inquires from companies that are interested in the videoblogging space.

The more interesting ones come from representatives of companies who are in development of a videoblogging tool/site/add-on, and they want to get input from the community on how best to design/develop/customize their product to meet the needs of the videoblogging community.

I always suggest that they join the Yahoo! Videoblogging group and start a video blog if they haven't already.

I'm helping to Beta test a lot of products right now, the main ones are vblogcentral, FireANT and Akimbo. I'm talking with one company that wants to produce a weekly videoblog and another that wants to help put video ads on blogs, split the revenue with videobloggers and provide free hosting.

Apple has also contacted me to hear how I use their tools to create videoblogs and want me to provide feedback on what types of things that videobloggers would want to see in future products.

The two main things I told them were:

1. A button in iMovie to automatically publish web compressed video to
a blog
2. A video blog category in the iTunes store ;-)

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  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    You are definitly in the thick of things!

    Make us proud...