Monday, August 08, 2005

Honey, the toilet's clogged

Last night Carol told me that the toilet was clogged.

So I took my super duper plunger and plunged. I wasn't sure that I had cleared the clog, so I flushed the toilet to see.


That was a mistake.

I realized it as the water in the bowl slowly rose to overflow over the rim. Yikes.

Towels! We need some towels in here!

At this point I realized that I should probably shut off the water supply to the toilet.

With images of water dripping from the third floor, where the toilet is, onto the second floor ceiling, I took all our towels and threw them on to the floor.

While this is going on, Carol is downstairs.

Then I took the super plunger and plunged away.


The clog was cleared and all was well in toilet land, or as Carl Weaver calles it turlet land. ;-)

When I brought ten soaking wet towels down to the second floor, the experssion on Carol's face was pricesless.


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Quickest way to stop the water flow is to remove the lid from the tank, and push closed the round hinged cover at the bottom of the tank. This immediately cuts off the supply entering the bowl. The water in the tank is clean.


  2. Steve - good usage of the word terlet. The new super plungers really do reduce the workload when trying to clear a good-size obstruction. And you no longer need the stamina of ten minutes of plunging. A few times is enough. Thank goodness for good-old American ingenuity.