Friday, August 12, 2005

Propaganda Podcasting Software

Scoble says that Propaganda Podcasting Software is:
... the coolest podcasting tool I've seen yet. Wow. This gives you a lot of control of audio files and a neat interface to impress your friends with. Far more than I need, but way better than Adam Curry's software or what I've seen from Evan Williams so far.
Since I don't want to use Regedit to make Castblaster work, I'll try this.

Castblaster is now dead to me.

I just installed Propaganda on Carol's Dell Laptop, and it ran right 'out of the box.'

Plugged in a microphone and Propoganda recorded the audio with no problems.

At first glance, here are some reasons that I like it:

1. It works on a Dell laptop without requiring me to mod the system using regedit.
2. Allows you to record seperate clips and then edit them together on a timeline.
3. Has a feature for you to make transitions between audio segments.
4. Has inbuilt sound effects that you can drop onto the timeline.

Instead of being a straight one shot recorder like Castblaster, this audio recording program is a lot more like Final Cut Pro. It allows you to record a bunch of audio clips and edit them together. Looks sweet.

I'll be testing this some more...

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