Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Trying to listen to Karlson and McKenzie

I'm back from a whirlwind videoblogging tour of Cape Cod. Got up early today to listen to my old friends Karlson and McKenzie on WZLX.

I read a post on the Boston Radio-Info board where they say that they want to give Karlson and McKenzie's morning show a few months before critisizing it. I was happy to see that someone said:
So today was Day 1 of Karlson and McKenzie on WZLX. I'm curious of what you guys thought? It seemed to me that nothing has really changed in their sound since the Eagle days except minus creepy Steve.
Ha! Creepy Steve used to be me in another life. Check out my online book, Adventures in Radio, which includes my story about working with Karlson and McKenzie when they were on Eagle 93.7 the last time they were in Boston.

I got up at 5:30 to give them a listen. Here's what I heard and thought about it:

5:00-5:34 Annoying Commercials
5:34-5:37 What I Like About You, The Romantics
5:37-5:38 Intro
5:38-5:41 They talk.
They say it's nice out and was hot yesterday. Pete played golf and Kevin went to a Red Sox game. Kevin was sweating at the game. His son has a cold. Manny hit a homer. Kevin left early. He says he doesn't know the end result of the game, but heard something about a plane crash. Heather the news girl says a plane crashed and no one died. Kevin sounds suprised that no one died.
My take: He probably already knew the Sox won and that an Air France plane crashed with no one dying.
5:41-5:43 Time for more commercials
5:43-5:47 Time for more classic rock. Bob Seger. Stale.
5:48-5:52 They are back and talk. A caller calls in and agrees that it was hot yesterday. Tells some stale jokes. Guess he was in the radio business for 20 years. Kevin keeps getting fatter. He says he's 300 pounds. I don't think so. They complain about the narrow seats. Kevin was tight in the seats. Hey, a funny song guy is coming on. They are bleeping out the word "ass". Kenny Jones from the Who is on later. Exciting. Pete Best coming up later in the week.
5:52-5:55 More commercials.
5:55-5:58 News with Heather Ford. I love how Kevin interrupts.
5:58-6:02 Sports with Pete. Funny story on Manny.
Just minutes before the first pitch of last night's game at Fenway Park, Red Sox left fielder/prop comic Manny Ramirez reached into the doorway of the Green Monster's manually operated scoreboard and pulled out a handmade sign.
A grinning Ramirez turned toward the left field grandstands, the center field bleachers and the Monster seats above, allowing each area to read: ``The New Episode . . . Manny Being Manny.''
I love how Kevin interrupts. Pete credits his news sources, The Herald and WB's Gary Tanguay. Nice job.

Ok now we're hearing the old Karlson and McKenzie as I remember them. I hope the show keeps going in this free form talk direction. That's what they are good at. Good luck guys, I'll be listening.
6:02-6:03 Top of the Hour ID, into Hotel California.

I just got back from driving to the airport. Round trip was about 35 minutes.

Lots more content to talk about.

Heard Frankenstein by Edgar Winter just after saying I wanted to hear some songs that made me say, "Hey, I haven't heard that one in a while." Cool.

Heard a few more talk breaks and enjoyed them. I guess as the show progresses, they have more time where they can talk. That's a good sign.

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