Monday, August 01, 2005

Video: Interview - Tony Kahn

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I interviewed Tony Kahn at the Woods Hole Film Festival about the response he's gotten to his Morning Stories podcast.

This quick interview took place just prior to a panel he moderated that Chuck and I were on.

Tony introduced me to the audience as the guy who videoblogged him two minutes after meeting him.

What happend was that I asked him about the response that he'd seen from his podcastiong of Morning Stories and before he got a chance to answer, I stopped him and pulled out my camera nad asked him if I could record him for my video blog. Then we moved over to the window where there was more light. ;-)

After the panel, Tony commented on my participation, "You did a very effective job of telling your story, you're the right person at the right time."

Update 8/3/05:
Just got an email from Tony, part of which said, ""I've told a number of people about our interview and how quickly you launched it on the digital wave. It's the kind of magic that makes someone like me realize how much is changing and how much broadcasters in general need to change to stay with it."

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