Monday, August 01, 2005

Videoblogging is sweeping the nation

Videoblogging is sweeping the nation...

Really... all these conferences around the country and we are all planting videoblogging seeds.

Last night at the Woods Hole Film Festival on Cape Cod, Chuck Olsen and I teamed up to present videoblogging to a room full of film and videomakers.

There were a few presentations before ours. These were presentations about student's final projects and a 10 second film festival. ( we are going to do this one...)

None of the student's final projects are online and none of the 10 second films were online...

Chuck and I carefully planned out our presentation. I was a really fun tag team approach.

We want you to videoblogI have my notes, but for now I'll just say that we opened their eyes to the future.

A lot of the people in attendance were not aware of the power of video combined with blogs to deliver video to someone's desktop.

It's a very powerful story.

And we were made aware of the importance of getting out like this to tell the story by the responses we both got after the session.

People went away from our talk totally enthused and excited to go learn more about videoblogging. They told us that as we were presenting they were talking to each other about how they could implement videoblogging. That's how excited they were.

It was an eye opener for them and their excitement comes back to energize us to go out and tell more people about what is happening.

I already emailed Josh Leo to tell him that his video about his trip to the farm got a big round of applause.

There he was up on the big screen. And it was a really big screen, telling his personal story about his trip to the farm.

The really cool thing was his ending of that video, where he tells other people to go out of their comfort zone and meet people, interview them and video tape their stories and share them via video blogging...

It was like a call to arms, which I think a lot of people in the room are going to take up...

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  1. What a Great setting for a film festival. Cape Cod & Vlogging somehow that fits well.