Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The attack of videoblogs: new reality shows of the Web

Here part of a Google translation of an article on videoblogging at written by Eva Dominquez, El ataque de los videoblogs: los nuevos reality shows de la web:
Somos medio

(Talking about Rocketboom) Until the CBS it has dedicated a note to him . At the moment they have already seven correspondents in different parts from the world. One of them is Steve Garfield, that informs from Boston. Steve is a compulsive creator of videoblogs. In addition to his corresponsalía in Rocketboom, produces in its own videoblog pieces of all type and it promotes like adviser and producer of vlogs.

In one of its contraataca Steve pieces to a reporter of the newspaper The Inquirer and Mirror that is making a survey. After responding, it removes its camera to him and it records to him. Overflowed, the journalist says to him: “No, does not go asi ' ". Videoblogger espeta him: “Lo I feel, now is thus. We also are the means, not only ustedes”.

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