Wednesday, October 26, 2005

VideoEgg, TypePad Team on Video Blogging

Elizabeth Millard's article just came out, VideoEgg, TypePad Team on Video Blogging:
"The move by VideoEgg and Six Apart has met with positive reaction from some video bloggers, sometimes called vloggers.

'This partnership looks like it will open the door even wider for people to easily post their videos on the Web,' said Steve Garfield, who runs a vlog using TypePad. 'By integrating a video publishing platform directly into TypePad, nontechnical users will be able to try it out, without having to learn an extra set of video publishing tools.'

The technology interface is welcoming to users who haven't tried video on their blogs before, Garfield added. 'Anything that makes it easier is great, and this is what many people have been wanting for their blogs.'"
Some of that quote and all the other things I talked about are over here.

Best quote that got printed:
VideoEgg's Kevin Sladek...:

"We're going to see lots of grandchildren and puppies," he laughed. "But that's great, because that's what blogs are all about."

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