Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What came first, the Video or the Egg? VideoEgg & TypePad

VideoEgg & TypePad:
"The VideoEgg Publisher is a small browser plug-in that makes it truly simple to capture, edit, encode, and post video online. VideoEgg and Six Apart have partnered to make it easy to post video to your TypePad blog. You can post a short video clip to any one of your TypePad weblogs. "
After logging in from a Mac you get this message, "A Macintosh Version of VideoEgg Publisher is currently under development - please check back soon!"

Also, your videos are limited to 2 minutes, and at some point in the future VideoEgg might add advertising.

This partnership looks like it will open the door even wider for people to easily post their videos on the web. By integrating a video publishing platform directly into TypePad, nontechnical users will be able to try it out, without having to learn an extra set of video publishing tools.

I use vblogcentral.com which allows me to drag and drop my video to a desktop app, which also allows me to key in a blog post title and text.

vblogcentral then uploads my video and converts it to windows media and quicktime for both dial up and broadband.

The cool thing about this is that it allows people to subscribe to my rss 2.0 feed and have my videos automatically delivered with an aggregator such as FireAnt.

If VideoEgg converts everything to Flash, do they also support enclosing the Flash video in an RSS 2.0 feed?

If they do support Flash in an RSS feed, it won't help my subscriptions since FireAnt does not support that yet. They are working on it for the next release.

So I won't be subscribing VideoEgg video in TypePad blogs until aggregators can read Flash in a feed.

Having QT or WMV enclosures is better, and in the case of audioblog.com, they convert your uploads to Flash AND soon you will be able to make a video podcast.

That is better all around...

Look for some of this in PCmag.com or publish.com tomomrrow.

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