Saturday, October 08, 2005

Boston Sports Clubs and $46 - continued

I recently wrote about Boston Sports Clubs trying to collect $46 dollars from me.

You are probably wondering what happened... or not.

Nothing happened.

Boston Sports Club never returned my call.

The collection agency never sent me an email, or a letter, like they promised.

The Attorney General's Office said that I had to pay since I don't have anything in writing.

So I took out boxes of files looking for a receipt, but never found one.

Time passed...

No one called.

No one wrote.

I am lonely.

So I just called the collection agency.

I told them that I'd gladly pay them the money if they could only tell me where to send a check.

They will only send me their address in writing.

They will send me an email today, after the phone operator passes on my email address to her supervisor.

How ironic.

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