Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Carol and Steve in Austria's Wienerin

Another interview request just came in.

This time from Waltraud Hable, editor at Wienerin, Austria´s largest women's magazine, for a two-pager on video blogs, featuring Rocketboom and some vlogs, that are updated on a regular basis.

They are going to feature The Carol and Steve Show.

Since it'll all be in German, here are the questions and my answers:

1. How much time do you guys spend on your show per week (there´s shooting, there´s editing, there´s probably brainstorming what to do next...)?

Shooting takes place while we are doing the usual things we do on the weekend so we don't count that as work.

Editing usually takes a few hours.

2. What are the reactions of your family/co-workers/aquaintances?

My mother loves the Carol and Steve Show. She emails me when an episode doesn't go up on Monday wanting to know what's wrong.

Friends who are internet savvy like the show while there are some others who don't care.

3. Do people in the Boston area recognize you when they see you in the streets? (I guess you guys attracted a lot of attention in local media ...?)

We have been recognized a few times. Twice in local restaurants and once in an Apple Computer store. it was pretty exciting to be recognized and the people were really nice about it.

It makes me think that it could happen, not just in Boston, but anywhere in the world.

4. Are you afraid to give out to much private information over the net? (People see how you live, how your apartment looks like, what car you drive?) If no, were you afraid in the very beginning of your show that you could lose your privacy?

Putting yourself out there on the net is a big decision. In the end, what I've come to realize that by putting ourselves out there, we've gotten tens times as much back.

After each episode I get lots of comments and emails.

Connections are being made across the miles. I consider some of the people that I've met through The show to be close friends now. Some even have their own husband and wife shows.

At Home With The Honey's with Chuck and Lori

Cleaning the freezer - Clint and Mel Sharp

Living with Fallas from Los Angeles

A good example of a well edited video blog from a couple showing their travels:

Video allows us to make a personal connection. It really does make the world a smaller place.

5. Did you get more active in your free time, since you know: there´s a show to do, we gotta go out, experience something...?

For the most part no. What you see is the things that we normally would do. What taking video does is enhance our experience. With the video camera we might explore further or meet more people.

6. do you sometimes catch yourself acting differently on camera, like that you developed a "show-character" and a "private character?"

Not at all. There are no 'show-characters'. This is real reality TV. From the start that's what we wanted to do.

7. What do you regard to be too private to put on the show?

That's private. ;-)

8. Do you ever fight regarding the show (i. e. it can get quite stressful to produce it on time, sometimes one isn´t in the mood for having a camera in his/her face...)?

We never fight. In 18 years of marriage we've never had a fight.
Hello Germany!

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