Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sam Kass turned himself into a cartoon

Core Image Quartz Composer compositions:
"Apple's Quartz Composer is probably the coolest technology added to MacOS X 10.4 ('Tiger'). It's an application available in the Development Tools, which is an optional install included on the operating system DVD. When installed, you'll find it in '/Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/Quartz Composer'. It is used for things such as the RSS Screen Saver, and allows easy GUI editing of audio and video effects, although I've mostly concentrated on image bit twiddling."
Time for me to upgrade.

I want to turn into a cartoon too!

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  1. Steve writes in with some more info after I asked him if all I needed to videw the videos was QuickTime 7:


    Its a bit more specific than that. OSX 10.4 required, fairly good 3d graphics card/chip important, and may need to install quartz composer off the os x cd. Some more details on this stuff are at the top of that Sam Kass's blog that I linked to.

    Also note that most of Sams compositions are setup to get live input from a video camera. So I dont see much till I turn on my iSight. They can be rewired to use existing movies as clips, but this is not a topic to start on now. This stuff will be more useable to people once it is better integrated into existing video editing etc packages. Right now, the ability to save the quartz stuff as .movs is a start, and apparently theres some AVID plugin that enables quartz effects to be used in their software. has more interesting uses for quartz composer stuff, including screensavers and audio-reactive stuff.

    This stuff is a non-starter without a fairly good graphics card and the ability to put up with the quirks/non mainstream nature of this stuff at present. Requires some fiddling, probaby more of an interesting peek into the future than something most people can use efficiently right now.


    Steve of Elbows