Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Watch actors discuss the news

NewzViewz has a panel of actors that talk about the stories of the day, every day in front of a green screen then on a panel.


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I have watched NewzViewz several times and, yes, there are actors on the panel, but any viewers can be on the show as commentators. I've found the discussions frank, intelligent although weighted on the liberal opinion side of things. The host is, believe it or not, named Bill O'Reilly and he's doing a credible job as far as I can tell. I like this vox populis thing, and the production quality is very high.

  2. Jillian Spencer10:06 PM

    I found Newzviewz to be thought-provoking and the commentators for the most part to be intelligent and nice-looking young people. Actually I was surprised that some of the commentators were actors since they seemed so aware and so articulate without scripts. But surely the show can find some people who have more life experiences and at least a few wrinkles. I do like the host (Is his real name Bill O'Reilly?)and I look forward to hearing his humor and insight. I'll keep watching.

  3. Al Lewis1:03 AM

    Fun show. The View better watch its back.

  4. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Newzviewz is spelled rong!

  5. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I'm a college sophomore and I never read the newspaper--this show has really helped me to find out about what's happening in the world. The panelists aren't experts but they have interesting points of view and best of all you get their passion. I took a double take on the name of the host, Bill O'Reilly, but this guy's a whole lot better than that fool on Fox.

  6. Kelly Montgomery6:20 PM

    Bill O'Reilly, the host of this show Newzviewz appears thus far to "get" it. "It" is not about being liberal or being conservative. It's about knowing that we are one world and we had better pay attention to the human beings struggling for survival in other countries, if not because we are people of compassion (although hopefully we are), then because we are realists. What happens globally determines our own lives. There is an interdependence of man that must be recognized and only dialogue between people of good will can create a lasting peace. Good luck, and my thanks, Mr. O'Reilly and the producers of Newzviewz. You are doing important work.

  7. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Just watched the Friday night show. A few of the guest commentators seemed to be insensitive to the people who they claim are having trouble forgetting and moving on since 9/11. People lost their mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, sons!!! Only the guy who was moderating seemed to get that at all. At least he said he cried watching the memorial service. So did I. I wanted to tell the people on the show this so I sent in a comment to the show. Do you guys hear me????? Hel=lo!!!!

  8. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I began watching the show last week because my friend's cousin appeared on it. I'm a New Yorker who stopped reading newspapers after 9/11 - particularly the N.Y. Post which is so pro-Bush and sensationalized. The show wasn't painful considering what condition the world is in and I like the new improved Bill O'Reilly. How many of them are out there?

  9. To the Friday night Newziewz Gang: I want to order some Chinese food. You got a recommendation?

  10. mia furstman8:30 PM

    in response to kelly montgomery, I also saw the live show tonight. i don't think the commentators meant any disrespect. did you lose someone you knew on 9/11? there is no way to be sensitive enough to that kind of loss & pain. my love & compassion go out to you, ms. montgomery.

  11. William Clinton7:48 PM

    I enjoyed the show. I loved the repartee between two really articulate guys, Greg and Thomas and the witty comments and good questions from Bill who is the host. This show is getting better and better. I teach history and I think I will recommend the show to my students.

  12. Steve Schwartz8:00 PM

    This show is pretty good although sometimes the reception isn't great. It's certainly different and I think it has potential. I heard about it last week in the NY Times' Business section. As a Baby Boomer, I am dumbfounded by what is possible these days. I'll probably watch the show again to see how it progresses. The host who claims to be Bill O'Reilly is definitely more balanced than the other one so that's a good thing. My wife thinks he's a snazzy dresser. But then she may be comparing him to me!

  13. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Hi Mom. Miss you very much. Perhaps someday I'll see you again on Newzviewz. Till them remember to watch Newzviewz live from Monday to Friday at 7 PM.

  14. I am learning a lot from your blog. You are giving me some brilliant insight before the show. Fortunately, I am not an actor. My name is Thomas Chi and I ran into NewzViewz, while doing some software work in the building, so Mark Lipsky, the Producer, brought up politics, China, and the Flash software used to drive the website, and then Mark began talking to folks, asking me to be on the show. I was surprised. I am not an actor and have no public speaking ability. In fact, I see myself as a computer geek.

    The panel is raw, down-to-Earth, and non-fiction. Peter works on Wall Street. The attorney graduated from Stanford. My adrenaline gets pumping when I am on the air, and I have never been on a show before, but some the issues are passionate to me.

    For the past six years, I blended a Rock and Roll novel into a book based on a murder mystery surrounding Marilyn Manson. Taking three trips across the country to interview fans and bands, ministers and musicians, really blew my mind, and increased by knowledge of how people across the country view the news, media, and economy. I got pulled over near Buffalo for taking pictures, followed by security guards at Walmart in Mississippi, because I was looking at books, and met America’s nightmare, Marilyn Manson, September 10, 2004. He signed Chapter 3 of the novel.

    I hate to say it, but I ran into so much poverty and contradiction while traveling that I began to film gas prices from state to state, closed auto plants from Ohio to New Jersey, museums like Liberace's in Las Vegas and Dixie Evan's Burlesque Hall of Fame outside of Barstow, then there were three days spent recording the birthplace of Jazz in New Orleans during Mardi Gras 2005 before driving up to Chicago.

    Now I look out over the Manhattan skyline to New Jersey’s shore, while the book is being edited for its 26th time, waiting for Bill O'Reilly to step into the studio. He is wise man. And so calm.

    When the votes come in from the audience online around 5:00 pm, related to what viewers want us to discuss in the news, the news commentators rock. I mean the room with the news commentators you see online gets quiet and wheels spin as we remember how passionately we feel about Rumsfield's trip to China, GM $1.6B loss, health care cuts, and my favorite, economic issues related to creating jobs in this country.

    Thank you for creating this blog. As I wait for Bill O'Reilly to step in, I study the news online, which is how I found your blog online, and research the true about Rumsfield's intentions in China and pray that hurricane victims in Florida are prepared for Wilma.

    Have you ever been caught in a hurricane? I was driving through Mobile, Alabama in 2000, and the rain came down 6 inches an hour. I couldn't see around the car windows for four hours. I just pulled over with hundreds of other people. All the windows around my Ford Probe were blinded by the volume of rain that seemed to come up from the ground as well as down from the sky. Locals laughed. They said it was nothing, "Only a micro-burst".

    Remember to vote on Have a good night,

    Thomas Chi

  15. Jenna Blick7:42 PM

    Saw most of the Friday night show although there was a little problem with the reception for the first five minutes. Bill O'Reilly who hosts the show is still my favorite because he is smart and articulate and compassionate. I wait for his comments because they usually make the most sense. Good work. Where else can I catch Bill? Television news shows?

  16. Troubled American7:43 PM

    I just watched the Halloween night show and I voted for Sohrab who really impressed me as a man of vision and necessary idealism. I say necessary because I pity any society without it. Important issues were discussed with the assistance of the articulate host named Bill O'Reilly - the draft, the tragically unfair war in Iraq, Rosa Parks, civil rights. How can anyone justify the war in Iraq???? Come on people: Let's march on behalf of our dying sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers. Let us tell Bush/Cheney: ENOUGH ALREADY.

  17. Amanda7:46 PM

    You rock Newzviewz.

  18. Jessica6:51 PM

    What happened to last night's show???? The producer, Mark L. sent an e-mail about some technical problems to me since I am a newly registered viewer.

    I was looking forward to the show and truly disappointed. Oh, well. Had to watch TV instead of Bill and the panel. I cut out of the gym early to catch tonight's show. Good luck, Guys. See you all in a few minutes - I hope!!!! (I bet you do, too!)

  19. katya6:58 PM

    I am Jessica's roommate, Katya and she turned me on to this show. I am an attorney and I hope you'll be hearing my opinion on the show someday. Meanwhile let me tell you that I am scared about terrorism and a possible flu pandemic, about a NYC mayor who gets to buy his office and a president who spouts religion and lacks integrity. Can I be on your show, Mark Lipsky?

  20. cassie lester8:01 PM

    Bill O'Reilly was not on tonight's show and that was awful. Where in the world is Bill O'Reilly tonight?

  21. Alison Kafah8:08 PM

    I saw all new people on tonight's show. The only reason I ever watched the show was because I have a crush on the adorable host Bill O'Reilly. (Don't you?) Unless he comes back, don't waste your time waching. The show itself is a bore but he's brilliant.

  22. Tom O'Neill8:16 PM

    I'm from Boston like the host and I watch the show when I can to see what he has to say. I guess he's Irish like me - I'm Tom O'Neill - and he makes me proud. Good work, O'Reilly. See you on the web.

  23. Keith8:23 PM

    i tuned in late and saw bill oreilly was not on tonight's show
    there is no show without this guy
    better give him a raise and get him back

  24. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I was disappointed that someone new hosted the show and I for one don't get it. The woman what's her name was annoying and arrogant. The guy Bill who was there earlier in the week inspired me. This show had better figure out who it is if it wants to stay alive. And get back Bill or fogettaboutit.

  25. Jillian Spencer8:54 PM

    No Bill O'Reilly on the show? Well really. Big mistake. Bill is Newzviewz and there is no Newzviewz for me without him. I was walking in Manhattan after work tonight and passed Gabe Pressman. I hurried home to catch Bill's show but he wasn't on it. So I turned it off.

  26. Anonymous9:01 PM

    NewzViewz is a silly idea. I saw it for the first time tonight. The average person is boring and not too smart. I can find more interesting people to listen to when I am in my hallway throwing out the garbage. And I am not just saying that. Don't waste your time with this one.

  27. Marjorie1:34 PM

    It seems that they removed the host Bill O'Reilly. If their intention was to lose me as a viewer, they succeeded. He was the only reason I ever bothered to watch the show. My daughter who is in college didn't like the show at all but I liked listening to Bill.

  28. Anonymous1:50 PM

    The show is so so. If you have something better to do than watch it, do it.

  29. Bobby Moore2:00 PM

    Obviously this show is on its last leg. They don't start on time any more and the terific host quit.

  30. Kelly Montgomery4:07 PM

    Sad but true that Bill O'Reilly is no longer hosting NewzViewz. It must be permanent now since they have the name of someone new on ths show credits. The producers (what in the world were they thinking???) replaced Bill with a hair-flipping young woman whose credentials include a college diploma from San Francisco State. I can understand Bill wanting off the show since the guest speakers were usually boring but I liked NewzViewz only because Bill O'Reilly was charming and smart and seasoned. According to his bio, he has advanced degrees from Harvard and N.Y.U. Come on people. What happened? (Aside: If you see this comment, Bill, I would love to be able to learn where you are appearing now. If you can, leave a response on this site. Thank you.)

  31. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Do not waste your time. Boring. Boring. Boring.

  32. jillian spencer12:08 PM

    Newzviewz was never the same after Bill O'Reilly moved on. It was always a tough concept but I sure liked Bill (so did my mom). The show is off the "air" and deserves to rest in peace now. (But mom & I both want to know where we can find Bill??)

  33. Just found this blog. Saw Bob Wiltfong on this web show and I just don't get the concept. He wasn't particularly fun or interesting. Sorry I never got to see the former host. Based on the comments here, I missed somebody I might have liked. C'est la vie.

  34. Anonymous8:56 AM

    R.I.P. Newzviewz. Your death was predictable at the time of your birth. The show lacked controversy and was boring despite the original charming host Bill who mysteriously disappeared one night.

  35. Scooby8:48 PM

    Saw Bill O'Reilly in a movie on the Web made by Sprite called Marcus Hates His Job. Found it on YouTube. Have any of you other bloggers seen Bill O'Reilly around the Web?

  36. Benita10:41 PM

    Bill O'Reilly starred in a Japanese TV show I saw this year when I was working as an English teacher in Tokyo. He's cute.