Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You get Akimbo, I get iPod

Hello friends.

I just got this email asking me to tell you about a special from Akimbo. Check it out. If you decide to get one, please include my email address so I get an iPod Shuffe.


1. Tell a friend about Akimbo and when he or she purchases the Akimbo Player and service you'll receive an Apple iPod Shuffle (512MB)*.

2. To protect your friends privacy, copy and paste the below text in an email to your friend. Make sure you include the link below.
Because I care about your TV enjoyment, I'm sending you this special friend-of-Akimbo discount: Get 50% off the price of the Akimbo Player (the set-top box that stores your shows), and three months of the Akimbo Service* for FREE. If this isn't incentive enough, Akimbo will also give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Akimbo? Akimbo is the first and largest video-on-demand service that delivers programs over your broadband Internet connection directly to your TV set. Is that cool, or what? Akimbo features well-known channels like A&E, National Geographic, BBC, Turner Classic Movies, and the Food Network, as well as channels you just can't get on cable or satellite, like IFILM (short films, music videos and movie trailers), GolfSpan (golf tips), Moviebear (short and foreign films) and Pan-O-Rama (Caribbean music and travelogs) all on demand.

What's with the generosity? Glad I pretended you asked. Besides having someone to talk to about all the great shows on Akimbo, if you purchase the Akimbo Player** in this special deal, I get an iPod Shuffle (512MB). You know how much I want one. And you can get it for me, free, just by enhancing your own enjoyment of media while staying on the cutting edge of technology. But, hey, no peer pressure! It's all good!

So look into Akimbo! And when you purchase the Player, make sure you enter promo code RAF05 and my email address on the order form. If you don't enter my email address I don't get my good friend gift. And you do NOT want to see me mad!

Looking forward to discussing the great lineup of unique on-demand shows on Akimbo!

Click here for more information

If the link above doesn't work, just enter the following URL in a new web browser window:

* Akimbo Service: premium services are not included.
** Akimbo Player: must be activated for 30 days to before gift can be redeemed.
3. Your friend will be asked to enter your email address at the time of purchase so you can receive credit.

Note: My email adress for this promotion -

4. Your friend must enter promo code RAF05 to receive the Akimbo Player for the Refer-a-Friend special offer of $99.99.

5. You’ll receive your special THANK YOU gift (an Apple iPod Shuffle (512MB) after your friend activates the Akimbo Service* for 30 days.

*The Akimbo Player and Akimbo Service must be activated for 30 days.

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