Monday, April 23, 2007

Speakeasy - Speed Test

Speakeasy - Speed Test.

Preparing for Comcast visit today. Speeds are FAST, but I get dropped from Skype calls and USTREAM.TV broadcasts.

I hope my direct modem line gets reconnected. Followers of this blog know that Comcast cut my line last year and refused to reconnect it.

I am currently on a three-way splitter. That makes me loose internet juice.

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  1. Steve,

    I had trouble with Comcast for quite a while, even though I was getting good "speed test" numbers like you are. However, after further testing, I realized that the line had these speeds only on average.

    Because I was specifically having Skype issues, I found this VOIP Speed Test that told the truth: There were big gaps of extremely low speed interspersed within the high-speed flow.

    My solution? Switch to DSL. It is slower overall, but it is far more consistent. I can now reliably videoconference and stream video. It just takes a little longer to download things.