Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Watching Everything Live

Dave Winer writes on Scripting News, Watching more, revealing less?:
"One thing's for sure, with Twitter and then Justin.tv and now Ustream, our little corner of the web is becoming a lot faster and more intimate. People used to be shocked at how much I shared here on Scripting, now I look conservative...

Ustream is certainly the answer to how we'll webcast my session at Mix 07 on April 30, and all future conferences. Check one off the to-do list."
Jeff Jarvis' son Jake is now broadcasting live from his high school. He's a freshman. I'm in class right now with him listening to the teacher give an assignment to write a letter to yourself that he'll return Senior Year.
Knapsack.tv is an experiment by Jake Jarvis. Using Sprint PCS EVDO and Ustream.tv, Knapsack.tv is an attempt to broadcast from they eyes of a backpack strap 24/7. Jake is a freshman in high school, which means the camera will (hopefully) be on and lively from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM EDT.
Chris Pirillo is broadcasting live right now from Seattle. His office is dark and nothing is happening, but 325 people are watching.

I look forward to trying this out soon. I've already broadcat live from a cell phone, why not try it from a laptop computer too?

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  1. Anonymous10:20 AM


    As the investor in Ustream, all I can say is, yes, we would love for you to start broadcasting. We need as many interesting voices as possible.