Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New England News Forum Conference

The New England News Forum Conference is happening up in Lowell, MA on Saturday and I'll be there.

I'm in a breakout session with Lisa Williams and others:
A rising voice: Blogs as news in communities and politics, and how should traditional media be involved? -- (Room 202) -- Discussants -- Lisa Williams,; Steve Garfield,; Kevin Keane, MediaNews Group; and Howard Owens, GatehouseMedia. Traditional news organizations are struggling to work out their relationship with bloggers and Internet-enabled creators of news. Williams is a local blogger, Garfield an expert on multimedia and video news; Keane, former editor of The Sun of Lowell works for the nation's No. 4 newspaper chain and Owens heads digital media operations for the group which owns most the weeklies surrounding Boston.

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